Project Context

The redesign of Itten's book "The Art of Color" allows the content to be experienced with the possibilities of our century.

For my Masters in China, I organized the translation of the book into Chinese and redesigned Itten's book. The original book “The Art of Color" is a masterpiece. Itten's writing guides you through his long, experienced life as a teacher of color and form at the Bauhaus University. Itten's book describes in 15 chapters, an overview of how to understand colors.


However, Itten is also not without controversy, at the very least, there are many other color systems. Furthermore, it is difficult to navigate through the book: Text and example graphics are often not side by side. Above all, the question was: Is the book medium still contemporary at all?


Kickstarter Question: How could the design help to update the book with the possibility of our time, to understand the content easier?

Project Management
Book Design


Design Concept

For a better understanding, the text and the sample characters are divided into two books.


First Translation

The book is written in English and Chinese to enable bilingual learning.


The Connected Book 

The Connected Book 

The current digital possibilities still cannot compensate for the advantages of printed books. For this reason, it is proposed to introduce for the transition, the Connected Book, as a digital-analog hybrid.


Unlike the “Digital Book”, it is printed as a traditional one but has connections to digital content. Due to the (currently) high user-friendliness and accessibility, the QR code was chosen as the best connection.


The content is supplemented with further links; Commentary footnotes, Current references from designers, Interactive color programs, or color plates of Adobe color.



Bauhaus University
Michael Markert (BUW)
Florian Wittig (BUW)

Shiqing (Sienna)

Tongji University
Dr.Jian-Min Wang (Tongji U.)
Frau Bamboo (Tongji U.)

Tongji University
Dr.Jian-Min Wang
(Tongji U.)

Frau Bamboo (Tongji U.)

Thanks to
Kristina Dietrich
Elinor Parkinson

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