Project Context

BSH Hausgeräte GmbH has developed an internal strategy to intensify the cooperation of all its brands.

The already established acronym BRIDE evokes a certain disruptive lightness in its ambiguity ("bride"). During my collaboration with the concept agency Dorten, we jointly developed a format with a playful component that uses the principle of a decision tree for content management.


The biggest challenge with this type of employee communication is to generate the willingness to deal with this, at first glance very bulky topic, while still managing the daily business: Brand Roles in Digital Ecosystems. Especially so, since this is essentially a transformation process that requires a change in thinking.


Kickstarter Question: How can we turn a dry marketing topic into internal communication that employees want to learn?

Concept Support
Booklet Design


Design Concept

The level of knowledge about BRIDE is very different so that a simple tool is needed to pick up the employees at the right place. We have chosen the decision tree as an index. The ring binding not only gives the brochure a workbook look, but it also has a function: it allows the table of contents behind the brochure to be folded down.


Working closely with BSH, the design is also deliberately far removed from the Group's corporate guidelines. The illustration, for example, is an in-house development for the brochure. The starting point is the lines of the decision tree, which is loosened up by stylistic elements from Memphis Styles and illustrator Timo Kuilder.



The resulting booklet is packaged in an unconventional, playful format for employee communication.



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Dorten GmbH

Project Management
Nina Demirer

Frank Martin Dietrich

Tommi Brem

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