Project Context

Branding Black Rock’s premium office building for forward thinkers in Berlin.

Office buildings with a special concept offer the tenants an added value that is not limited to beautiful architecture, it also influences all other decisions regarding the property.


Graft Brandlab won the pitch by developing and implementing such a concept for a BlackRock office building under construction. During my work for Brandlab we developed the idea of IMPULS, an inspiring place in the heart of Berlin. From strategy to architecture, the project was very interdisciplinary. My task was to give the idea a face. But how do you statically visualize a force (impulse) that actually only exists in motion?


Kickstarter Question: How do we stage the impulse properly and use it to develop an identity with logo, colour and image?

Brand Identity
Web design & Development
Presentation Design

Design Concept

The property is located in Stresemannstrasse, the place where the death strip still ran in the GDR. It is hard to believe when you see now, after 30 years, how the region has developed. However, this process is not only taking place outside, on the facades of the city; Berlin is equally famous for giving everyone the opportunity for their own development and growth.


We made this into a principle: With IMPULS, we have developed a project that turns the office building into a centre of change. For idea-giving exhibitions, creative tenants and innovative restaurants and stores. Always in motion, with expressive lettering and strong colours.


PPT Presentation

Always moving, always changing


Black Rock

Black Rock

Graft Brandlab

Creative Director
Jörg Dengler

Frank Martin Dietrich

Alexandra Uzunoğlu

Color your mind by Supermoustache.films
A Universe of Colors by |P¦A|

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