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Client:The Marke.6 has been the exhibition space of the Bauhaus University Weimar since 2008. The mysterious number combination "30773047.6" not only stands for the name of the new university gallery, it is also the processing number of the applied for trademark protection application of the term "Bauhaus" for the exhibition space at the German Patent and Trademark Office.

With the Marke.6 as a moving exhibition space, the work areas of the "contemporary Bauhaus" should also be pointed out outside the university, discourses encouraged, potential promoted and experiments promoted.

Project: Under the patronage of Professor Dr. Ing. Hedwig Wagner and embedded in the festivities 20 years of the Weimar Triangle, a tri-national art project was created within the framework of the Bauhaus Summer School 2011 with master students of Free Art.

Through a call for tenders at the partner universities of the Bauhaus University Weimar, three young artists from Poland, France and Germany were selected to create an exhibition titled Grenzgänger. In a joint artistic exploration, the students developed a "large object" that - as they said themselves - "should symbolize demarcation as well as similarities."

I designed the poster and the postcard. The photographed strips symbolized the national flags of Poland, France, and Germany.

Form: Postcard, Poster
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